Gallery Kitchens

A kitchen that you’ll love. A place where, not just spectacular food, but memories are made and shared. From life, observing people, movies, books and research. Each of the Gallery kitchen collections has been inspired by the environment, popular colours and different materials, designed to bring your dream to life and create harmony in your home.


Colonial Kitchens

Colonial Kitchens are designed to fit around your family and friends. By creating a stylish but welcoming and warm atmosphere, we can redefine the environment of your kitchen, providing a stunning but practical and versatile space, whether you’re entertaining guests or feeding your family.

At Majestyk Interiors, our friendly design team will be happy to discuss your individual requirements, and will encourage you to think big – what does your ‘dream’ kitchen look like? We bet it’s more achievable than you think. We’ll examine what your current kitchen is lacking and work to provide stunning but practical solutions.

eco Kitchens

Our stunning Eco Kitchens range encompasses designs suitable for all budgets. With a huge range of customisable options such as doors, drawers and glazed units, you’re bound to find something you’ll love. We offer Eco Kitchens in a range of contemporary yet classic colours like Dakota Grey or Denim Blue.


Linear Kitchens

Linear’s minimal aesthetic is driven by simplicity of form, with stripped out embellishment to create radically simplified designs. They’re rational. They’re functional. They’re very beautiful. And their flexibility helps you bring pin-sharp contemporary design to any environment.